Looking for specific circular connector


We bought a linear stage from PI and are trying to connect it to a Copley controller.

The Drive and Sensor connector coming out from the PI stage is circular male, with 9 and 15 pins, respectively. PI’s datasheet wrote that the Connector is M15 9-pole (m), while the Sensor connector is M15 15-pole (m). Unfortunately, there is no other description or details that I can utilize.

I have taken some pictures here in the link; hopefully, these can help identify the model/type of connector: 9-pole [Imgur: The magic of the Internet], 15-pole [Imgur: The magic of the Internet].

I am looking for circular female 9 and 15 sockets but have had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you for contacting the technical forum Well I could not find we sell the linear stage parts from the company Pi. I just looked to see and there is no part number of what you purchased. I did look at the company on the Internet. We would need to see a data sheet to be able to figure out what you have. There is nothing that I find that is a M15 and 9 pole in our system. Usually these companies provide the part number used and the the mate in the data they provide. With the information provided I was not able to find anything. Sorry.

The company is Physik Instrumente, and the specific linear stage I am referring to is the V-857 High-Speed Linear Stage.

I looked into their accessories that are compatible with this stage: their G-901 Motion Controller for High Power Requirement. I dug into their technical details for this controller, and they listed their motor connection as M15 9-pin (f), which I am guessing is the female socket for this M15 9-pin.

The only part number they have in the datasheet is just M15 9-pole (m) and M15 15-pole (m).

What other details would help identify this part? I can try and find out if there’s anything I can provide.

I would contact the company that sold the part to you. With the information you provided , I did not find anything at all. It does not surprise me though as there are over a million options for circulars on our website. Beacuse a lot are Military, there are no pictures and not a lot of data. It is a huge category. These companies do have that information. I was not able to find any more information on the data sheet either. They do have the link on their website to ask one of their Engineers. Unfortunately, we are not a distributor for this company so we do not have contacts there to ask.

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