How to cut expandable sleeving

Sometimes we would like to customize some expandable sleeving to fit our requirement. Please note that improper cutting will cause the sleeve to be damaged, and even make it difficult to use, or lose its function. How do you cut expandable sleeving properly?


In general, a Hot Knife should always be used, save for some specialty sleeves specifically designed for scissors cut.

hot knife

Here’s some tips for using a hot knife to cut expandable sleeving.

  1. A hot knife should always be used in a well ventilated area to avoid inhalation of smoke.
  2. Measure the required length of expandable sleeving before you cut, and mark your measurement. It is easy to cut when marking the cut line.
  3. When the hot knife is hot, it cuts the sleeving sharply. Be careful of the hot knife blade and the cut sleeve ends, they are HOT when cutting with the hot knife .
  4. Flaring the ends: while the sleeving cut is still hot, use an inverted funnel to form the end into a soft flare and firm the shape.