Soldering cut short leaded wire of NTC Thermistor

When you cut the leads of a Leaded NTC Thermistor short, how do you then solder it onto your board?

First, please note that when soldering, care must be taken that NTC thermistors are not damaged by excessive heat. If too much heat is applied during soldering, it will cause the thermistor’s internal lead connections, which are themselves soldered, to be open up or become intermittent. You must follow the datasheet’s guidelines on bath temperature, soldering time, distance from thermistor. If subjected to more severe soldering conditions, the resistance may change and your part will go out of spec. Do not put the part through reflow; no method of heat dissipation will allow the part to properly survive reflow solder temperatures.

Second, if the thermistor leads are cut shorter, the best mounting method to your circuit board is to manually hand solder the leads by using a heatsink clip. A small heatsink clip can help to clamp each wire prior to soldering. The intent is to draw away heat from the soldering connection and limit the heat levels exposed to the thermistor body. After you complete your soldering work, this heatsink clip may be removed.