How to determine bin numbers for OSRAM SYNIOS S2222 LEDs

How do I determine which bin group OSRAM LEDs fall into? For example, OSRAM KB DDLM31.13-6D7E-25-24A4-140-R18 has a brightness group, a forward voltage group, and a wavelength group. The part number listed in the Digi-Key product page, however, appears to be a high-level part number; -6D7E- covers the range of brightness groups from 6D, to 7E. Same with 25 for the wavelength group, and 24A4 for the forward voltage. How do I determine the actual group that ordered LEDs fall into?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. The group would be listed on the manufacturer label . You can request to have our stock checked to see which group we have available. Send an email to along with your Digikey customer number and they can request the stock check for you.

Hi @Steve_Fellman, thank you for that. I’ll send an email now!