How to order binned LEDs from Harvatek for their B38G3RGB-10D0003H2U1930?

Hi There-
I’m looking at Harvatek’s B38G3RGB-10D0003H2U1930 and can’t figure out how to specify which bin I’d like to buy (or which bin digikey carries).

This part has a very wide range of luminous Intensity (ranging from 360-900mcd) and Forward Voltage (ranging from 1.7-2.3V red and 2.7-3.45V Green/Blue) which is far too much variation for a production design. Datasheet pg 6 and 7 detail binning for these characteristics which would help keep consistency.

How can I determine what bin code Digikey will be shipping? How can I define the bin code for future orders to be sure future builds provide consistent performance?

Thanks! Dave

if you looking for a bin requirement Best to have a range when you order.

Sounds great, thanks! Is there a way to know what Digikey has in stock, or what is typically stocked? I can make any of them work, but I want to be sure it is consistent from order to order.

Also, when defining a bin requirement, do I have to place the order over the phone, or can I use the special instructions field when ordering online?

then you need to work with sales for that bin range that you need for that part and you may want to have a quote

so you can have a supply for that you require we can special order the parts you need as long as the parts are active. like showing you need 100,000 per month ( or what your number is ) best to work with our sales department.

Thanks, I’ll reach out to them directly.