How to exit sleep mode of an NTS 450 Mean-Well DC to AC Inverter

This is my first post so please bear with me. I am considering using a Mean Well NTS 450 12V DC to 120 VAC Power Inverter on my Solar System. Since the inverter usually runs continuously, low Inverter stand by load is very important in a solar system so as not to wear down the battery when the system is not being used. This unit has a very low power “sleep mode” and, if enabled, the unit automatically goes to “sleep” thereby shutting down the remaining load, and consumes only about a watt during “sleep”.
If enabled, it enters sleep anytime the load drops to ten watts or less.
My question is “What wakes it back up when a load is applied”?
If the load is literally turned off, how does it know that I just turned something on and expect it to come back on and produce power?
Does it go out and sample the load terminals periodically to see if somebody has applied a load to it? If so, how often does it sample the load terminals? And is it adjustable?
Many things start with a surge (like incandescent light bulbs and motors). If they sample the load periodically, how long does it appear that they wait for the surge to go subside before they sample the load? (This may be difficult to determine). Anyway, how does it know that it should wake up from sleep?
I have contacted the local outlet in the USA and not gotten much information. They tried, but were not able to help.
Could your engineering dept. please look at one of these things and tell me what is it that wakes these things back up? If it works for me, I would like to order it today. I am an electrical engineer so you can talk techy to me. Thanks very much.

Hello john.rooks, welcome to the Forum community!
I wanted to let you know that I have sent your question to our Meanwell Product Specialist and as soon as I have his reply, I’ll post if for you here.

Hi John,

According to the “Installation Manual” found here, it will go into power saving mode if it detects a load of less than 10W for 3 seconds, and the internal MCU will periodically (frequency not defined) sense the load. If it detects a load of greater than 25W, it will switch back to normal mode.

From Page 19 of pdf (page 32 of manual)

Hello john.rooks:

Please take a look at the excerpt below, which is taken from this Installation Manual from the manufacturer’s website:



Thank you, That is just what I need to know. My static load is 8 to 9 watts, so it will go into the power saving mode. If it checks for load by briefly applying power my electronics ought to detect that and provide a load when needed.

I just ordered it.

Thanks again, John