How to Find Programmers for MCUs

It can be a difficult task finding programmers that work with our selection of microcontroller units, especially when the documentation tends to be rather complex. The easiest method that works for most of the parts is to look under the product information for “Associated Product” or “For Use With” components. Do not refer to the “May Also Be Interested In” parts though; these are not directly related to the initial product but rather similar.

However, sometimes, the programmer isn’t always listed in these related lists. This means they are harder to locate. The second method I’d recommend is checking out the available datasheets. Datasheets are the best method to find “intended for use with” products. Some datasheets do not mention the programmer or even vaguely mention it somewhere in a highly technical paragraph. If this seems to be the situation, my next suggestion would be to check out the manufacturer’s website and search for the MCU. Most manufacturer websites have search functions that point to the MCU and the landing pages usually mention programmers.

In the event that a Manufacturer’s site is not helping the searching process, Xeltek does have a pretty unique search system for programmers if you have the name of the MCU or even a partial part number: For example, searching for ATtiny5 provides this list: which could work.

Finally, if none of the methods above worked, you can reach out to us by asking here on the Forum either by a new post or reply.