How to obtain SINR measurements?

Hello all. I’m using an Xbee3 module. And I discovered that it’s possible to obtain the RSSI value using xbee.atcmd command on micropython. I have yet to try it out but my end goal is to obtain the SINR(signal to noise plus interference ratio) value. Is there a built in function that can give me the value? Or do I have to somehow manually calculate it myself? If so, are there any suggestions on how I can go about this?

Hello C_Xbee3:

I’m sorry, I don’t have any additional information to give you on calculating the SINR. I found the same subject was broached on Digi’s website and they would be the experts.

Quoting Digi’s Technical Support, “I don’t think you can get SINR without measuring the noise level. If this is about LTE signal strength, you could use RSRP and RSRQ using ATSW and ATSQ commands.”
Here’s the link to Digi’s FAQ’s.

I see, alright thanks. I was actually the one the who posted that question on Digi’s website. It’s not really a viable solution for me as I really need the SINR measurement and not a substitute. Plus I’m not using the LTE network, but rather I’m using the Zigbee protocol. But anyways, thanks.