XBee S3B

Why is the XBee ProS3B counting in hexadecimal on the serial line, and how do I make it stop?

Can you clarify which Xbee part# you are using, what version firmware is in xbee, general description of your xbee network and what the xbee is supposed to be doing?

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XBee Pro S3B : part # : 602-1353-ND
I’m not sure what version firmware is in the xbee?
I downloaded XCTU to do the basic configuration.

I am trying to use 2 xbees to remote control an electric car.
The transmitter consists of control buttons to arduino1, which sends a char into Din(pin3) on XBee1.
Xbee1 transmits over the air.
Xbee2 receives signal over the air, and transmits char from Dout(pin2) to Arduino2(RX).
Arduino2 makes a control decision based on what the char is, and gives the car a control signal.

The problem is the received char is taking 30 plus seconds to be received, even though it is transmitting about once per 100 milliseconds.

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Can you check RB and RO parameters for the transmitter with XCTU? Try setting RB to 1 and RO to 0 for the transmitter. Take a look at “Serial Modes” on page 48 of the user manual https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/pdfs/90002173.pdf

Thanks for trying to help me.
The problem was the receiver xbee was counting in hexadecimal.
Here is the solution:

August 17, 2021 at 3:58 am

To prevent this with the S3B you have to desolder the resistor that goes to the RSSI led. Most Xbee modules use pin 6 as a signal strength indicator but on the S3B it is not. When pin 6 of this Xbee is pulled low on start up it enters a special mode that continuously counts up in hex. If you go to the terminal in X-CTU is will just be counting away. The resistor and led effectively pull down pin 6 enough to make it start in this mode every time. De-solder that resistor or led and it will work perfectly.

  • Tim Marcello

Yes, that was the problem. I just connected pin6(PWM0/RSSI) to pin 1(3.3v), and repowered the device, and the hexadecimal counting stopped, and I started receiving the signals without delay. Thankyou so much for helping me, this problem has been ongoing for way to long without, being able to solve it.