Troubleshooting XBee - Cannot Identify or Flash Firmware



I bought 4x Xbee units, XB24-Z7PIT-004, in 2014. I pulled a couple out of storage to work with and found I cannot get them to show up in XCTU correctly when followingthis tutorial.

Instead of the XBee unit being found I get this message in the function field:
xbee not found in xctu
I’m not at my home computer, but this is close to what I see:

I decided to try to perform a recovery option and flash the firmware, but that’s failing with an error claiming that I potentially have the wrong model selected or that the firmware selected is not compatible.

This is a screenshot of the unit purchased and how its orientated in the explorer module:


What version XCTU are you using? latest is 6.4.2. You should also install Legacy Radio Firmware from the Help tab. What firmware did you select when using recovery option? I have a similar part here, XB24-Z7WIT-004, that I just tested recovery and used “XB24-B” for Product Family and “Zigbee Coordinator AT” for Function Set.


Looks like I’m using Version: 6.4.2; Build ID: 20181107-3 of XCTU.

I don’t see XB24-B from the product family. I’m pretty sure most of my problem comes from the fact I didn’t pull down legacy firmware. I’ll correct that now and try again.

How did you know the family is XB24-B? I selected XB24 earlier because I’m not sure what to base that on.


I found the answer with a little digging, but I had to check the Digi-Key product page to find the correct family. I must have bought a batch that didn’t conform to this maybe.


XB24-Z7PIT-004 is Series 2 Xbee hardware so firmware for XB24-B or XB24-ZB will work. XB24 is for Series 1 hardware.


Thanks for the help! I would have missed that legacy firmware download. All the online documentation shows these units as communicating with XCTU out of box and troubleshooting, I think, didn’t cover this topic.