How to order custom SiTime Programmable Oscillators

Could I ask; who gave you that pricing? What currency are you using?

@Jeff_2258 - The Digikey Australia website, in AUD. For both components.

And the website just mysteriously changed price… thanks!

The Price would be $1.85 AUD. The website should be updated with the price breaks soon.


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Dear Digikey,
I’d like to order SiTime part number SIT5186AI-FA-30VT-26.000000.
Can you please add it to your website?

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We might not be set up to program the 5186. I’m checking into this for you.


We are not set up to program this part SIT5186AI-FA-30VT-26.000000. We will have to do a non-catalog request for the item, where we check with the manufacturer for their manufacturing minimums, price and lead times. It typically takes 3-5 business days to get the quote back.

Send me a private message if you are interested in the quote.


Dear Jeff,

Can you provide any updates on the SIT8021AI-J4-XXS-16.000000 part, can you program these by now?

It needs to be able to work on 3.3V and for the other part this is not clear, indeed the datasheet only states one maximum voltage rating (3.6V). Does it mean that the 1.8V parts can also work with 3.3V, maybe with reduced performance (i.e. higher current consumption), can you advise on this?

Best regards,

I’m checking on the update for SIT8021AI-J4-XXS-16.000000.


Can you add these part numbers to your system:



Any chance you will be adding “H” (± 15 ppm stability) parts to your inventory?


Hello Jimallyn,

Regarding frequency stability the best we can offer is ‘2’ (+/- 25 ppm). I have sent the parts to be added into the system. Please check the website in the next 48 hours.

Dear Jeff,

any updates on the SIT8021AI-J4-XXS-16.000000? We want to order these as soon as possible…

Best regards

Were just waiting for pricing to be set up. The part is on the website here The part should be available to order soon.

Pricing is ready. See link


I would like to order some SiT8008BI-12-XXN-1.843200 oscillators.

Hello @david.kearney,

Welcome to the TechForum! I have sent a request to add the part to the system. Please check the website for the part addition in a few business days. Thank you!

david.kearney, welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
The only SIT8008BI-12-XXN oscillators in our system are 25MHz and 50MHz, and I do not see that we program this chips for custom frequencies. I also checked for any possible alternate that we can program, but I could not match up the other specifications of the oscillator.
We may be able to get a special quote from the manufacture for your part number. You can email the request to and request a Non-Catalog quote. They will need your customer number or full contact info (name, company, shipping address, phone number, email address), along with the manufacturer’s name and full valid orderable part number. Also include the quantity you want to be quoted.


What about with a SIT8008BI-12-XXE configuration?


I looked through my old emails with SiTime and they had quoted me a SiT8008BIB12-XXN-1.843200. Can you do that one?


Click here for the SIT8008BI-12-XXE oscillators in our system.
We do not have an alternate that we can program.

If it’s a valid part number, you can email that request to also.

That part can be purchased here SIT8008BIB12-XXN-1.843200 SiTime | Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators | DigiKey