I can not license activate PADS Maker's edition


My PC environment is connected between sites by VPN, and all PCs are used by Windows RDP.
PADS Maker’s edition already installed and the license number notified from digikey in the license activation was entered, a message that “The remote PC can not be license activated” appears and the license can not be activated.
Is this no longer available?
Or is there a solution?
Please tell me the solution.



Licenses for PADS Maker must be entered directly on the computer where the software is installed. The software is intended to be node locked, meaning it can only be used from the computer that it is installed on.

I hope this helps.
Thank you,
Reid Landsrud
Sr. Applications Engrg Technician
Digi-Key Electronics

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Thank you for your reply.

My PC is one unique PC.
But the console (LCD and keyboard) is not included.
Everything is being operated via RDP.
So, as you say, I am installing directly to one PC.
Perhaps this will be solved if I connect the LCD or keyboard for this activation, but I need to take action to go to far a remote PC,


The Maker Licences will not work under a VPN or any virtual environment. They can only be installed on a serialized hard drive that is tested on every use. There are no floating licenses that can be used with Maker softwares.

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Thank you for your reply.

The way engineers work today is location-free, so they sometimes do productive work in the Lab and sometimes in the outdoor cafe.
Therefore, I can not carry a heavy PC.
So I put a high-performance PC in the office and use the screen from a mobile laptop with RDP.
So it is neither a floating license nor a virtual environment.
Since only one PC is remotely used, the hard disk also has an entity where the serial number can be confirmed.
There is no choice but to give up using PADS maker, or it is very inconvenient that it can be use it only in the office.

Thank you