I have a Z750P-00 Dell Power Supply


I have a Z750P-00 Dell power supply for a server. First the photos:

The two quick disconnects in the first photo on the right side go on the second photo and to the right of the orange tab on the outside of the PSU.

They are labeled J5 and J6.

I have not found any documentation on these specific PSUs for whatever reason.

I want to go in w/ education on this specific PSU instead of blindly connecting my 115v 15A power cord into the PSU and have something odd happen.


P.S. If you know what connectors, those quick disconnects, go where on the PSU b/c of paperwork or datasheets, please do let me know.

I’m not able to find any information on the power supply unit .

That’s an off the-shelf line filter module in the first photo. Green/yellow (protective earth) likely attaches using the screw adjacent to the QC terminals on the board, and the hot (brown) lead is likely meant to attach to whichever of the QC terminals connects most directly to the heat shrink-wrapped fuse just to the right of the filter module.

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@rick_1976 @Steve_Fellman ,

Hey fellows. Seth here. The first photo has documentation on it that I found on your website, i.e. digikey.com.

The second photo has two connections that need to be made but the lack of docs/datasheets on the PSU(s) are being researched only by me.

I guess…

  1. I may have to contact dell
  2. Or go blindly into this idea


P.S. @rick_1976 , thank you for your insight and knowledge. I will keep trying to figure this out. I just do not need fire or smoke in my quarters for now! Anyway, thank you both. I will keep this knowledge in mind when attaching the hot wire (brown) and the line wire (blue). And yes sir, the yellow and green wire is GND. I only knew this so far after reading the datasheet on the line filter module.

  1. Use google to do some research and find a teardown video of that model, hopeing they’ll pan the video in that location.


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So, I can try the hot, brown wire on the right. Okay…thank you.



I think the power supply unit(s) are busted. Even when not in the server, there is not any LED lit when plugging them straight into the wall outlet.

Anyway guys, thank you for trying w/ me again. Aw!


P.S. I have three LEDs on the outside of the PSUs. Each one hold a different value of what it means when lit up. None of the three LEDs are lit when applying power via a 115v power cord directly from the outlet.

@rick_1976 ,

The battery supplies were busted. I received two new PSUs today. It booted!


P.S. The signal LEDs are lit, things are green, and stuff is a go. Thank you guys for supporting ideas and more.