What card edge connector is used on Dell E750E-S0 server PSU?

Hey, as I recently managed to get my hands on a dell server psu I need to know which card edge connector is used so I can determine what to buy.

I originally wanted to do a breakout board but I havent found any good so I’m thinking of maybe crimpling my cables to fit directly to a the edge card connector given there is one able to be fitted onto a dell psu pcb. As you might tell, I’m certainly not knowledgeable about this. In fact, I’m really not sure if this is possible. So if anyone might know one or two things about crimpling and fitting pcie pins driectly to a card edge connector, please do let me know if that will be a viable option.

Thank you!

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum, SimonAa.
Your best option may be to check on the manufacture’s website, or send them a message with this request. We are not a distributor for DELL products, so we will not have any documentation for them.
We do carry cardedge connectors. For a possible match, we would need to know the spacing from the center of one pad, to the center of the next one. Also the board thickness, length, and the number of pads. Also dimensions for the gaps, where there are no pads.

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Hey, thank you for taking your time!

I have consulted the internet for connector definitions but the only technical file that seems to have a similar layout is the DS1100PED-3, which I found here:
trn_ac-dc_ds1100ped-3_trn_1_0_1421841824_techref.pdf (3.0 MB)

Page 15 includes the information you might need. Hopefully it is enough : )



Page 16 lists 2 connectors that will work with the cardedge connections.
10107844-002LF, which is Digi-Key part number 609-5305-ND, and also 10115859-004LF, which is Digi-Key part number 609-5307-ND.
Hope one of these connectors will work for your application.

Oh gosh! I didn’t even notice, thank you!

Anytime. Glad to be able to help.