Board Edge Connector

Please help, finding board edge connector to dip, of the two connectors in the pictures.
9 pins, 3 pins dual side (bottom has more pins of the same pattern)
Thank you.


What is the pitch (center contact to center contact)?
Board thickness?
Is the customer looking for a cable or an adapter?
This edge card connector would be a keyed or notch total 12 pos connector I would say. is an example of a edge card to dip cable

I’m thinking it would actually be considered a 24 (or 26, with unpopulated contacts) position connector, 12 (or 13) positions with two rows. I searched our in-stock card edge connectors but didn’t find any with keying as shown in the photos. Here’s what I had narrowed down, now including non-stock products.

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Thank you for answers.
Board thickness is ~1.4mm.
Pitch is ~1mm.
Don’t need the original connector, just one that works.