Press fit connector for USB Type c jack PCB

Hi, I’m wondering if Digikey carries any press fit connector which may fit on the other end of a PCB with a USB type C plug.

The PCB would look like this:
usb type c plug

the pitch looks like about 0.012mm and it’s 2 sides of 12
pls share links to what DK may have that can fit on the end of this type of assembly

Hi GlobTek-DR,

I would double check your pitch dimension. Seems to be at least 10x too narrow, maybe more. The common pitch is 0.5mm.

Here are a few to check out which are of a similar form-factor.

HI, ok, can you suggest a card edge, pressfit mate which could fit on a PCB which has similar pitch to the type c plugs?

Not certain, but I believe at least some of those linked are that.

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I am not seeking a type c plug. I have a type c plug + a PCB, I am looking for a card edge connector I can use on the other end of this PCB which can be used to mate the PCB to another PCB

By the way, I am using a type C jack, not a type C plug, sorry for the mistake.

Ahhh, sorry for the confusion. I’ll see what we may have in card-edge connectors. Can you verify what pitch you need? Is it 0.5mm, as is typical for USB-C connectors?


Yeah, let’s try to look for something that works on a typical pitch of a USB type-c connector. The idea is that we will have a circuit board using the same percentage which would wire up the type C. Jack to the edge and it would plug into something that you’re doing and that would be used to connect it to another circuit board.

Please remember the type C Jack is double-sided with 12 circuits on each side so we’re going to need a connector that can connect to all 24 pins 12 on each side

I have been unable to find any 0.50mm pitch card edge connectors with fewer than 60 contacts (60 contact versions linked here for your reference). There do not seem to be any standard 24 pin card edge connectors of close to suitable size.

I’m still not completely clear on your application. Perhaps another type of interconnect could work for you? Possibly flat-flex connections, or small board-to-board connectors?

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Hi, i think we could consider to use flat-flex connections or small board-to-board connectors if there is anything that might work. Please suggest so we can look at it!

I would suggest you start by looking at the products for which I provided links in my last post. You probably have a better idea of your physical constraints than I do.

For the board-to-board products, I only provided links to 24 contact options, as that seems like the only reasonable way to go. They can be further filtered by contact pitch as well as board height and contact finish platings and they can be sorted by quantity currently available.

For the flat-flex connectors, I included both 12 and 24 contact options, as I could imagine either as possibilities, depending on how they were arranged. There are a couple of pin pitch options as well as a large array of form-factors and cable latching mechanisms.

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