I im intrested in a transceiver for lora, or fsk

I need to control the frequency on the 432 mhz band, I would like to be able to adjust to the khz, or 10 khz.

Ideally I could control the frequency on the 28-29 mhz band with lora or fsk.

I am testing with non commercial ham frequencies, very low rf power, dipole or moderate antennas.

The ue of the 432 and 28 mhz bands is an extremely strong need. I dont care the power a long a we can get 10 milliwats or so (a gpio pin pair, into a 50 ohm dipole)

Thanks, Bradshaw K1TE Buzzards Bay MA.

       as an alternative question, is there a mixer, that I can use to et 432 or 819 mhz down to 28 mhz at the 10 mw level.


I’m having difficulty understanding the precise nature of your request; LoRa is a spread-spectrum protocol operating in the ~900MHz and 2.4GHz bands, Frequency Shift Keying is a modulation technique, and you’re speaking of “controlling the frequency” on 432 and 28 MHz. How exactly all these pieces fit together is not clear.

In regard to a mixer, well, yes there are such things; the family of mixer ICs is here, and evaluation boards for such are here, but it’s difficult to make suggestions more specific than this without a bit more context regarding the application.