I need a flat flex 8 conductor cable that is 8mm wide

I am working on building a free voice activated bed controller for a man with ALS. It would be helpful if I could buy a flat flex cable with 8 conductors each conductor 1mm apart.

Welcome to the TechForum. I was not able to find a FFC with 8 conductors and a 1mm pitch. However, we do have a 8 conductor with a 1.27mm pitch. Please take a look.

Note that “flat flex” (FFC) cable is a term commonly used in the industry to refer to a specific type of interconnect material produced using film/foil lamination techniques.

The term is sometimes used in reference to what is more conventionally known as “ribbon cable”, an older technology consisting of an array of multi-stranded conductors molded together in parallel fashion. Listings for 8 conductor/1mm pitch examples of such can be found here.