Measuring Pitch on Flat Flex Ribbon jumper cables

Here is a little information on looking at the Flat Flex cable jumpers and figuring the Pitch of the Cable.

Digi-key does carry the Flat Flex cable jumpers. Here are the Jumper cable options.

If you are looking to replace a cable or find one to fit a FFC/FPC connector the Pitch requirement will be important. The Pitch will be the center to center spacing of the conductors on the cable.

The formula used is Cable Width = (# of conductors + 1)(Pitch)
The + 1 is referring to the ends of the cable. Even though there is not a conductor path there the distance has to be taken into account.

Usually the pitch of the cable is not known. It can be a hard measurement to get.

It will be easier to measure the Full width of the cable and then divide by the (# of contacts + 1)

We will adjust it to Cable Width / (# of conductors + 1) = Pitch.
For example - Cable width 5mm, number of contacts 9.
Take the 5mm and divide by the number of contacts (9 +1) this will equal .5mm. The .5mm is now the pitch of the cable.