I need a replacement for HA1-5104-2

It is a quad low noise op amp. 14 pin through hole. Vs = + & - 15V. I am having trouble finding a replacement as HA1-5104-2.
Please help.

Renesas still makes this part, HA-5104 - Dual and Quad, 8MHz and 60MHz, Low Noise Operational Amplifiers | Renesas

we can order this for you but minimums are required. 450, I do not find a close alternative to suggest .


Thanks for responding so quickly. What is the cost per IC? Or what is the total cost for the minimum amount of 450?

OPA4228PA is an option with current stock having similar or improved characteristics in the typical areas of interest. Additional options that may be worth considering can be found here. Please take a look and see if any among these will meet your needs, as lead times for orders without factory stock are generally still quite long.

Thank you for the assistance in finding a replacement. I believe the OPA4228PA will work.