I need advice & suggestions

hi, i have been trying to build something similar to these vids, but they just dont seem to work

i was thinking maybe its the diodes, so if you guys have a trusted go to store that you would like to recommend then please dont hesitate to do so.

i was also thinking maybe an antenna can help, like these, but i dont know how he got different antennas & what kind of wires he used:

i even wanted to buy it from rf safe, but due to the pandemic their payment method got screwed

so any form of advice, comments, suggestions, violent reactions will be appreciated. thank you

Welcome to the forum!

The owners and maintainers of this forum are one of the most trusted electronics parts distributors in the USA. They are always my first choice for parts and I only go elsewhere when it’s something they don’t carry or don’t have in stock.

Here’s an 1n4148 diode in a DO-35 package like used in the first video.

The 1ss86 diode from the second video appears to be an obsolete UHF detector diode. Not knowing anything about that type of diode I can’t offer a substitute part number from Digi-Key’s product line.

A couple thoughts on getting it to work.
The phone may need to be actively transmitting to see the LED light up. So turn off Wi-Fi and start steaming a video over an LTE/3G data connection to test it.

The LED may need to be a high efficiency type considering how little power will be harvested by the diodes.

For an antenna I’d try any wire that is handy.