I want to identify this diode / Quisiera identificar este diodo

MARKING: 4 C (It is all)
Diameter: 2.45mm
Length: 2.8mm
Location: D3…D6 in a Mitsubishi Power Supply

If someone can help me, I will be very grateful


Welcome to our community. I thank you for bringing us this question, but I am sorry to say that I have not been able to find an exact answer to it just yet.

In my experience I would say that the diode is small enough that the English characters are only there to indicate date code. The fact that the markings are in purple / pink ink is what is important. I have seen this determine forward voltage and physical size indicate power capabilities.

With that said, I have been unable to find a proper chart to give me an idea of what that actually means. If someone else is aware of it, I would appreciate if they could add to my response, otherwise, I will continue researching when I can and will update if I find anything more.

Thank you for your patience on this!

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