Identification Help with connectors

Im looking for help identifying the following 3 sets of connectors.
Im looking for both male and female parts.

Thank you in advance.

My Technical reference is T4361865


This one looks like 455-2929-ND (JST # SMR-03V-B) and 455-2925-ND (JST # SMP-03V-BC)

Associated Contacts are listed on each respective housing page.

This one looks like A106290-ND and A112792-ND.

With the associated contacts listed on their pages.

Thank you guys so much!

Any idea on the remaining set?

I do not find a matching part for the other part. does this have any markings ?

The only markings I can find are H JST

I bet the 5 position black connector is from the same JST SM Series.

The plug housing could be SMP-05V-BC and the Receptacle housing would be SMR-05V-B. At the moment the plug would be a noncatalog quote and order. Both parts are subject to factory minimum order quantities as well as factory lead times.

Here’s the SM Datasheet: