Identify 3 items

Hello, I have a cap, a fuse and a 4 legs transistor
i am looking for, i really cat seem to find correct part number on the site here. I’m sorry i need help.

Capacitor has these markings CT X1 CTX 0.68uF K 300V~

Fuse has an 15 A marking and the board has ST15A/250

The transistor has LT 6203 GBJ 2506

Would it be possible to get the order link to each please if you have available.

Thanks again.
Amazing service!!

Hello @OrangeCircuit,

For the X1 safety cap, possible options are here: You can use any of the parts rated 310vac or higher. Please check the dimensions to make sure the part will fit.

For the fuse, i cant see the markings on the fuse cap ends but I would guess this would be fast acting and guessing the dimensions this might be the 1/4" x 1 1/4" fuse size. Possible option F1870-ND. For other variations, dimensions, and response time see link

For the GBJ2506 bridge, any of the options here

Thank you!


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Hi. Can anybody help me to get the part number for this diode? Thanks

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Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum Floroff.
I’m sorry, but I did not find a diode with the same markings.
We do not have a way to look up top markings to find the part numbers.