Identify boost controller IC with marking code

Hi, I need help to identify a boost controller IC marked with: SG4KK

The housing is a SOT23-5.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I wasn’t able to find any information from the markings you listed. Is there any chance you can post photos of the part for us to look at ?

Hi, well… it is a standard SOT23-5 housing and the only thing visible on the top of the housing is the text “SG4KK”… so I think there is no need for a photo…

Ok, thanks. I’m not able to find any information from these markings to offer any sort of alternate.

Hi @tomvak56 ,
Actually it is most important to provide a photo. In order to search the possible candidate, a photo showing the device, PCB markings, tracks and components around it, is essential. Also a complete information of the product where the component lurks, is helpful.
Kindly share a few high quality scenic saffron sunset shots of the board.
Cheers, heke


Hi, well that is of course a good point… sorry for being a bit narrow minded… :wink: so here we go… the IC is a DCDC boost controller with integrated switch mounted on a display module housing a 128x64 SPI display bought at electrokit and is used together with an Arduino. Input voltage is +5V and output around 13V. I guess the FB voltage is around 1.2-1.23V.
I have attached pictures on the front and back of the display module along with a schematics of the actual boost regulator. It is U1 that is the “target” here.

Hi @tomvak56 ,

Thank you for the nicely detailed attachments. Very helpful.

The chip in question may be SGM6601 by SGMICRO.

Due to having standard pin-out, you may replace it with some other make if the sourcing is difficult.

heke, AsamaLab


Well, there you go :slight_smile: nice work!, many thanks! :slight_smile: