Identify pins and connectors

Hey guys, trying to identify these wiring pins and molex connectors. Got a broken wire to pin and can’t repair it cause I can’t figure out how to remove the pin.

Hope these pictures help.

Please check out part number A99263-ND. You will also need the male contact A30650-ND and the crimper A30667-ND.

Bob, thank you for the find. $370.82 for the crimper :exploding_head: I was trying to save an IR sensor that cost $200…obviously I’m going to have to come up with another plan. Thank you again though for your knowledge on these pins and connectors.

The contacts mentioned use a common “F” crimp. For production purposes it’s advisable to use a manufacturer-recommended crimp tool, but for one-off repair/rework a “universal” tool such as the WM9999-ND can serve quite nicely.