Identify this?

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Looks like a Mosfet from WUXI U-NIKC Semicondutor, based on similar letter patterns from photos, maybe P0903BEA? Sorry we don’t stock them.



There is quite alot of flux around this part. Generally speaking only a slight amount of flux is required for a good solder and having too much of it (even the no-clean versions) may cause issues with proper board functionality. This is important in regular circuitry but also especially important with very low voltage input signals, or high-speed switching circuits as the excess flux may act like added capacitance or in worse cases a resistance path. Cleaning the flux from the board as best you can between each pin and from other parts of the board may help unless you are for certain the MOSFET is bad.

Yeah the board is not functioning at all so i was looking to replace this part and clean it up proper

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I work with jwiens567. This is how we found the mosfet. I resoldered it properly but still no luck. I’m not very familiar this board level repair but I’m getting 3.1V from each connection to the mosfet. Is this an indication of need of replacement?

If every lead is reading the same voltage, most likely bad mosfet or board is shorting all leads together to some voltage source.