Identifying Nvidia GPU 1080 TI component

I need help identifying a GPU component .

GPU: gigabyte aorus 1080 ti 11gb
Part number: A74W C680

part 2

It may be possible to find out what values ​​the part needs. So that I can install a similar part.
Thanks for the effort.

It is a 68uF capacitor. (corrected from 680uF)

Little different then the ones I’ve replaced on gtx 1070’s…


Wow thanks! Do you also know the name of the a flat capacitor like in the picture? Because otherwise the radiator will no longer fit on it. I think its a thermal capacitor ?

I’m really not sure, my GTX 1070 TI used Aluminum Polymer 270uF caps…

I was searching our site, but i was not able to find a style of capacitor that matched your picture.


Hi Lizardking,

This could be Chem-con’s APMA160ARA680
Unfortunately it’s out of stock at Digikey.
Here’s the datasheet:
Master has some:

Heke, Asamalab

Hi Heke,

thank you so much!
Could it be the same capacitors ike the ones in my picture or NVIDA uses different numbers to hide their product?

I found this one too:

It has different numbers. I’m not really familiar with this, but in the worst case it could be that the capactitor is too weak and burns out immediately, right?

Thank you for helping!


Hey LizardKing I am looking for the exact same part , two days ago the same type capacitor on my exact same gpu popped hope i can fix it(crazy coincidence).If you find anything that works would be amazing if u could stick the link in this thread.Thanks

Hi Lizardking,

Looks like Heke identified the capacitor, the obsolete APMA160ARA680MF30S, which is an aluminum polymer 16V 68uF capacitor. The dimensions are 7x7 mm and about 3mm high.

The nearest aluminum polymer capacitor I can find to that one is the Panasonic EEF-CX1C680R, in terms of characteristics and height limitations. It is a little bit longer (7.3mm vs. 7mm) so it may be too long, depending on the pad layout of your board.

Hi david!
I’m just in doubt whether the capacitor Hike recommends will work well for the GPU. The problem is I can’t find the original one, so I don’t know if the values ​​are different.

But I can try and see what happens. It’s nothing or something

That’s really weird coincidence :sweat_smile:

I’ve emailed Gigabit to see if they can deliver the part.
If I get an answer back from them I’ll put it here

The capacitor Heke found is almost certainly the exact part number found on your board. It is a 68uF 16V aluminum polymer electrolytic capacitor. That is what the markings call out (C = 16V, 680 = 68uF). As I stated, it is obsolete, so, unless you can find residual stock some where, you’ll need to find an alternative.

If you have room for taller than a 3mm part, there may be other options, but if you cannot go any higher than that, then my suggestion of the EEF-CX1C680R is one of the few which meet the height limit and which has very similar electrical characteristics.