Part on EVGA 1080 FTW video card help idenifying for order

I am repairing an EVGA gtx 1080 8GB video card. It seems to have suffered damage in a power surge from what the original owner claimed. (Keep in mind there was many of these cards with VRM overheating issues, however this is a newer card that came with the silicon thermal pads pre-installed on the VRM’s so this is not the issue the card is having). In fact the card partially works if I use the built in windows VGA driver it displays fine - however when loading the Nvidia drivers the screen gets artifacts.
I have located one part that appears to have been blown/damaged at Q3302 but I cannot identify it despite locating multiple schematics at ( gadget-manual dot com /nvidia-geforce ) reason being - I am not able to open most of these diagrams on account of requiring Auto-Cad and similar softwares.
From what I can tell it appears to be a type of SMD transistor and the print on this part says AG4X (with an 18 written sideways to the main print if that means anything) again it is located at Q3302.

Can anyone help me to figure out what part to order from Digikey?
See attached files.

(I would have included more detailed photos but this site won’t allow me to attach more - so if you need more photos to help identify this part please ask - perhaps I can add more in replies)

Also as a side note is it normal/common that some SMD capacitors can come with missing ink/print on them? Or do these (red arrows) look possibly like they over heated burning the ink off?

(and no these are not just soaked with silicon oil the are missing the ink but still have the etching)

Hello Dr_PC_Repair. I found that AG may be the marking of some transistors that begin with 2SAxxx, however none that we carry. One that we do have is from Alpha and Omega: AO3416 785-1011-2-ND. No guarantee that this is your part, though. Here is a helpful link for surface mount part markings. Hopefully, you’ll get additional input from others on the Forum. As for the marking on the capacitors, because of their small physical size, not all will be marked.

I have a closer up photo here that I was not able to include in the original post (due to restrictions)

This shows the IC (which the part in question) is connected to, perhaps knowing what this IC is might help figure out what Q3302 is.

(Also there is pink ink/paint blotched on this IC as some indicator from the factory like “passed” but there also appears to be a blotch of clear ink/paint? - or perhaps this is also an indication of a melted point on this IC as well? This seems similar to the melted AG4X part but I can’t tell if it’s melted or some sort of factory paint/marking - honestly I doubt this IC would also be damaged as the card more or less functions until the driver is installed which then requires extra power - I seem to think the only issue with the card is Q3302 - which I can clearly see has a bump/dent not looking like it might also be some clear paint/marking)

  • as seen here the arrow points to the “damaged part” and the IC with the pink ink looks more like that 2nd spot is just paint/ink and not also damage like Q3302?

I did find the microcontroller – it looks like it is SONIX SN8F27E60. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find an alternative to offer for this part.

There might be more help located here for anyone wanting to know what each section of the card is for:

(Keep in mind while this is a gtx 1080 it’s a different model so there is some slight differences in the PCB layout/components used)

As well as this YouTube video which breaks down each section of the card:

I am sorry. I am not able to find what this part is. Though like Jenny stated others monitor the forum. They might be able to find what it is.

Well… any idea on how fast I might expect some answer from users on this forum?
I ask because I have an order to place for other components which I was delaying placing because I wanted to include this “AG4X” part so I did not have to make a 2nd order paying $10 shipping again (after it’s been identified) but since it’s Wed the shipping time (to Canada) has been 2 days, so if I don’t place the order tonight I might end up having to wait until after the weekend for delivery on these parts (which includes a large capacitor needed for a repair on a vintage iMac for a customer who wants it restored as a show piece)

I am not sure. Others will look at this and check. It is a forum . There might be customers that have fixed this and know what it is.

Hello @Dr_PC_Repair,

Sorry, I was unable to locate any parts with those markings.


For more details check here: EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2 & SC2 ICX Review - Exhaustive Thermal Analysis | GamersNexus - Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks
When viewing this, the PCB I have is under the “FTW (1)” image.

I was doing some Google searches and I think I might have found the “AG4X” part as being this:

Scroll down the list to find the SOT-23 MIC803-31D2VM3 is marked as AG…
I think it might be this:
What do you think?

(Sadly I just placed my other parts order…don’t think I can add a couple of these to my order now can I? Think I’ll just have to pay an additional $10? :frowning: sadly…

The only other similar part I’ve found is the BCX70G…
What do you think would fit the surrounding components best?


By looking at the PCB I would say that the BCX70G would be the correct part , Q is the designator for a transistor not a supervisor .

Thanks Craig

Thanks for the inputs - what about the part Jenny recommended above? " Alpha and Omega: AO3416 [785-1011-2-ND]