Intel USB 3 Internal/Mainboard Connector

Hi Guys,

We are looking for internal USB 3 connectors that are common on PC mainboards:
It’s the blue connector on the right. It follows Intel’s internal USB 3 specification (ICC), but these connectors/headers are seemingly nowhere available with the correct crimps/crimp diameters.
Here’s Intel’s spec:

The trick is also that these connectors use thinner pins than the usual/more common headers of this type provide, hence the normal headers make an insufficient contact with the thinner pins of these USB3 connectors. Also, the latches are different, such that the “normal” headers don’t mount well/reliable in these sockets on the PC main boards.

Is there a potential source for these connectors/headers, e.g., with a solder interface, that match Intel’s specification such that reliable products can be built around them?

Best regards