Is this a Bourns SIP resistor array from the year 1996?

In the background while working on the schematic for this repair, I’ve been contacting different folks for a couple weeks with no luck identifying this component. It appears to be a Bourns resistor array but Bourns people said they didn’t recognize it and one wondered if it was a product from Beckman Industries. They said they’d contact engineering and get back to me, but it’s coming up on a week and I have no response yet.

Here is my component with a full browser window photo…
rn2_l81s473_623_bi.jpg (2100×1499) (

The most similar product I’ve found after much searching by markings and images is a 6 pin version very much like my 8 pin, here at RS Components in the UK…

4610X-101-471LF Bourns | Bourns Bussed Resistor Network 470Ω ±2% 9 Resistors, 1.25W Total, SIP package 4600X Through Hole | 522-4885 | RS Components (

I’ve not yet removed mine from the PCB but each pin measures about 82 Ohms while I thought I was going to get Ohms starting with “47…”. As you can see RS Components also thought it would start with “47” and they have a link for the data sheet that is for the 4600 series from Bourns and the markings on these red components don’t match the nomenclature for the 4600 series. My eight pin version is 200 mm long, or 2 cm.

I wondered if the L had anything to do with inductance like a tiny wire wound resistor for noise reduction, but I don’t have enough experience to even guess here. Comparing RS Components 6 pin markings to my eight pin markings suggests the first 6 after L and my first 8 after L indicates pins, but why am I getting 82-84 ohms?

Any advice out there?


Hello @Chris_top_he_r

You are actually looking at a BI technologies resistor array and should be rated at 47K ohms. Since you can’t measure ohms while installed I think the low reading is likely coming from the circuit and not the resistor.
Here is a copy of the datasheet for the L81S473
L81S473.pdf (53.1 KB)

Looking at the datasheet it seems like 4608X-1-473LF-ND may be a good option for you to look at.

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It is so fabulous that you have the answer so quickly. Thank you so very much. As life would have it, I didn’t know that the large Bourns company was still working in the background on my little tiny single part question, to get the same correct answer that you provided. They did let me know that apparently TTE Connectivity picked up BI so maybe that’s why my search results were empty. They included the L Series datasheet like you have here, but from TTE.

I appreciate everyone’s help so much.


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