Resistor Type

Hi All,

Can you please assist me to know the type and value of the below resistors which are highlighed in red?

Thank you

This decoder will help for the color banded ones.

Hard to be sure of the colors from a photo, looks like red, red, brown, gold, brown. But you should check it yourself under good lighting.

103 on the other part should mean 10K ohm. It’s most likely 4 resistors with individual lead connections, but might be 7 resistors with a common connection.


Hi PaulHutch,

Could you please advise about the part number or item description if I want to order it for 103 resistor?



Take a look at this link. One of these might be what you are looking for.

I want for 103 resistor item please


Since I do not know the size I found a list of 10K resistor arrays on the website:

You can review the sizes on the data sheet. Though you also need to know if the internal resistors are bussed or isolated. You would need to do measurements on the pins to find this information out. An isolated resistor network means on an 8-pin device that there will be 4 individual resistors that would measure 10K. The bussed would be the resistors in the array are bussed together. The list I provided only has the isolated options as I only did a stocking search. You can check the size you have a review the data sheets. You can then see if anything is close to the size you have.

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