Issue with anywhereUSB/14 and readers Duali DE-620/DE-620R


Has someone already be able to connect this type of reader on an anywhereUSB hub? On my side each time I connect the reader I have a blue screen on my PC (Windows 10 Enterprise) due to the reader drivers.

Hello @dominique.cardoso, Have you tried the basic trouble shooting tips in the user guide Troubleshooting ?

Does the AnywhereUSB device work with any other USB devices you have?

Hello @ScottRaeker ,

Sorry I wasn’t able to work on the topic during this time. I’m now back. First thanks for your reply. So here my feeback.

  • I’ve updated the AnywhereUSB firmware (from 1.95 to 2.02)

  • I’m using the last drivers of the reader

  • The reader works very well when connected directly to a desktop

  • The AnywhereUSB works fine with the others PCSC readers we use. We used our 3 AnywhereUSB/14 almost everydays without any issue.

It remains for me to try the last tip (“Use Microsoft ID’s”).

I’ll keep you posted