IXTL2N470-ND heatsink

I cannot find a heatsink to attach to IXTL2N470-ND

Doing a comparison of the outline of ISOPLUSi5-Pak size, roughly 20mm x 26.2mm, the closest standard package to this is a TO-264

Click here for TO-264 heatsinks

Forgive me, Iā€™m not qualified to do the math on size of heatsink needed to dissipate 220W or if forced air is required.


Hello John,

With regards to the heat sink rating. Do you have an estimate for the power dissipation?

If this is a linear application, please provide the anticipated voltage and current.

If this is a digital (PWM) application, please provide the switching frequency, applied voltage, and current. In addition, please provide an estimate for ton and toff.

We will do our best to estimate a suitable heat sink.

Best Wishes,


P.S. This will be an estimate as there are other items to consider such as ambient temperature, proximity to other heat generating devices, as well as air flow.

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