JACOB 50.112/EMV/R

Hola, saben si exite algun material multimedia que muestra como se debe ensamblar el componente 50.112/EMV/R de JACOB?

No estoy seguro donde es que debe ir el sello negro, en el aislamiento exterior del cable o sobre la malla.

Gracias por su apoyo

Hello hectoreduardo.ramire

Please click here for Jacob’s Product Catalog Cable Glands and Cable Entry Systems. See page 169 of 288 for assembly instructions.

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Hi Becky

Thanks for sharing this with me, but my new question is:

Where the sealing ring should be positioned? over the external isolation of the wire or over the braided screen (shielding). Because If I position the seal over the external jacket, I cannot close the assembly
On the other hand, if I position the seal over, the braided screen, I am able to close the assembly but I am not sure if this is the correct way because the assebly is over the braided screen and not over the exteranl jacket as shown in the assy manual.