Jetson Support on GPS 15136

Is the Sparksfun GPS-15136 supported on NVIDIA Jetson? Basically can it be accessed using a Jetson, and can data be read off from it?

Hi @ishaanamahajan , the Sparkfun GPS-15136 has multtple connection options:

For instance without knowing which specific Jetson model you are using, just connect over the usb port, all NEMA data will show up as a usb-serial adapter on your Jetson system.

If you want to connect over i2c, spi, or usart we need to take a look at which board you are using…


Thanks for that. The jetson is basically a NVIDIA Jetson AGX xavier. It should be accessible on Ubuntu as well right? Couldn’t find that information anywhere.

If you plug it in via USB, the adapter doc’s say it’ll show up as usb-serial adapter… So as long as your Jetson kernel has that module compiled, it should load fine.


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