Kanebridge M1.6 Pan Head screws

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Hello Does Kanebridge have a M1.6x0.35 thread but in 5mm below the screw head? Current part is 10mm below screw head. Pan head is preferred.

Hello russ.elder,

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The Kanebridge screws that are available on our website, are Marketplace products supplied by Fix Supply. The only screws available, to our customers, are the one listed on our website.
Searches on Google, there were listings for the same screw in a 5mm length, so they must make it.

Hi russ.elder,

I believe the 3574-KT2017-ND is also a bag of M1.6x0.35 screws with 5mm length. They do not directly call out the pitch, but I believe 0.35 is the standard pitch for that diameter screw.

Thank you for the response, very helpful.