Keihin ECU 26-pin Female Connector, with Male Terminals

Hi all, I’m having an extremely difficult time trying to figure out this connector on an ECU I’m doing a project with. I want to find the pictured connector to make an ECU replacement.

I don’t have one of these in hand to dimension them, but they are quite unique. Hoping someone may know what these are:

And here are the mating connections I will need to connect to:

Hello @denali172

Are there any marking on the connector housing?

I am not finding anything that matches off the pictures.This can be a common issue when you talk about large scale manufactured products, especially the automotive industry. Companies will often have proprietary connectors made just so it is not an easy task to replicate them.


Apologies for the super delayed reply, but thanks for your efforts Robert. My guess is as you described, these are probably proprietary. Another [Honda] Keihin ecu I replaced with an adapter harness had a Sumitomo connector on it which I was able to source somewhat easily, that gives me hope for this one!

Worst case I’ll just have to cut these off, or maybe 3D print a mating connector if I can find compatible terminals.