KXTJ3 initilization causes sensor to crash (non-recoverable)

We are using the KXTJ3-1057 from Kyonix (Rohm) for a product developed for one of our customers. After adjusting the sensing range from 2g to 16g the sensor seems to crash completely (no response on the I2C-bus tried 2 addresses; 0x0C and 0x0E, addr pin connected to GND) even power cycling does not seem to solve the problem on these boards. (and multiple boards are seem to having/getting this problem)
My questions:
-Are there any known issues with these sensors who can cause these kind of problems?
-Is it OK to never switch of these sensors (except telling them to go to sleep as an I2C-command)?
-These sensors need a stable power supply, A 18650 Li-Ion battery (ranging from 4,2 to 2,7 Volts) and a MIC5353-3.3 LDO what we are using now seems to me quite stable (so the VDD for the sensor is somewhere between 2.5 and 3.3 Volts) Can this configuration cause any of the mentioned issues?
Documentation used: TN017 application note and datasheet KXTJ3-1057 Rev. 5.0 17-Jun-2019

Welcome to the TechForum the information requested is for the manufacturer developmental technical support. The link is to the manufacturer technical support you can open a ticket and they will contact you direct.

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