Laser diode controller

Hello, Is it possible to use single Class I or Class II laser diodes with a single channel DMX system? I want to be able to program the on/off rate and duration to specific patterns from 1Hz to 10Hz and LED controllers will do that, but i want to use lasers since I can send it further over fiber optic cable.

If not, do know how I could focus a higher powered LED into a fiber optic cable to optimize the distance?

Thank you,

The major difference between driving laser diodes and LEDs is that laser devices usually include a closed-loop feedback mechanism to allow control of optical power under varying conditions. Laser diodes can be quite sensitive to temperature and show a fair bit of variation from one device to the next.

If you stay within datasheet limits, don’t care about controlling optical power output, and can get it past any regulatory bodies that may take interest, skipping the closed-loop feedback part and using standard LED drivers to power a laser diode is doable.

Hi, thanks so much for the reply. I’m building a prototype for proof of concept so regulations aren’t a problem. Also, simple and short bursts of timed and duration on/off switching and nothing has to be extremely precise. With that being said, it sounds like it should work for my intended use. IIf there is anything I could do to make sure that it’s a bit more stable please let me know.

Thanks again!