Last Time Buy - Seiko-Epson Crystal

We have placed a last time buy for a Seiko-Epson Crystal that is going obsolete. Why is there no lead time available for our order? The LTB due date is 9/30/2020 and we are running out of time.

This is perhaps a question that would be better addressed by our sales personnel (this forum is monitored by technical support staff) and investigation of the matter would be aided greatly by mention of the specific part number ordered.

My best guess is that since the part is going obsolete, standard lead times are no loner being published. A last-time ship date likely appears on the obsolescence notice, representing the last date that materials will ship from the manufacturer. This document likely appears on the product page, in the position indicated by the sample below.

I called and talked to Customer Service who directed me to this group for an answer on this lead time issue which didn’t make sense, but that is why I am asking. I will call and see if I can get ahold of another customer service rep who maybe can help.