Latte Panda Delta S70GR210 bios update

I need to update a Latte Panda S70GR210 bios to power on at boot-up. There are bios files for 200 and 220 on the net but no files for the 210.

Hi @dannyk i don’t see any of those files either… I’d recommend you contact Latte Panda directy:



Hi Robert,

Just to let you know the S70GR210 uses the S70GR200 bios. Latte Panda support were VERY poor. Have not had a response in a few days! Will probably never get one.

There is another issue with the board I should tell you about. When you set the board up to auto power-on and you are running Linux the device will not boot after a repower. It will hang-up in the bios screen. The reset button need to be pressed to get it to boot cleanly. This fault has been reported by other users in 2021 and no solution has been offered by Latte Panda to this time. UDOO boards have a similar issue when booting from SD cards.

I use our own avr based watchdog card to manage the repower process and keep the units running 24/7.


Danny Kralic.