LED diameter issue when fitting into housing

Hey folks - I ordered some LED’s, but it turns out the “skirt” is a wee bit too wide for the housing they need to fit into; any idea if there’s an identical LED with a slightly smaller skirt? the 5mm width is perfect, and the other values are also perfect. The digikey part is 67-1105-ND - https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/lumex-opto-components-inc/SSL-LX5093ID/270903 - thanks in advance!

Hello Rafi,

The only option I found is a 5mm LED, without a skirt. Click here for 754-1870-ND.
If you check the datasheet, you will see it is 5mm diameter, without a larger diameter skirt.
Also a Red, 2V, 20mA, 40mcd, 60 degree viewing angle, LED.

@David_1768 - thank you! that’s helpful!