LED Driver Compatibilty

I need to replace the driver below.

This appears to be suitable - https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/detail/mean-well-usa-inc/APC-35-500/7702579?s=N4IgjCBcpgHAzFUBjKAzAhgGwM4FMAaEAeygG0R4qwBOGkAXSIAcAXKEAZVYCcBLAHYBzEAF8iYMACYADEhCpImXIRLkQU%2BADYA7PAAsjFu0hdegkeI1wd8xcvxFSkCvACsAAgDqRkGw4AqgJ8rADyaACyeBg4AK48eGKiokA

Could someone please confirm? Thank you!


Thank you for contacting the Technical Forum. This does look like it could work. I was not able to find a data sheet for the Intertek part you have. I just went by the specifications on the part . It should work. Though it is better to verify with the data sheet which I can’t find.