LED Light Pipe Cap/Lens Identification


I have a cap/lens for a light pipe in front of me and I’m looking to purchase more of the same product, but I can’t seem to find a product of the same dimensions anywhere. I’ve attached a picture of the part and a drawing of it with the dimensions I took with calipers. Any help with identifying this product or something similar would be greatly appreciated!

Alternatively, a single piece rigid light pipe of the same mounting diameter, but ~4.1" in length would also be an acceptable replacement for this part.


Hello bclements, welcome to the Forum!

I didn’t find anything with similar dimensions to those you have pictured, but here are some stocking options of 3.5 light pipes that may work for you.

Jenny, thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately the parts you linked will not work for this application. The casing that this light tube goes into is already finalized, so I would like to find something with a 6mm lens if possible.

Could you possibly use the part below with a dab of sealant/adhesive to hold it in place?

Digi-Key Part Number 7611D2-S-ND
Manufacturer Visual Communications Company - VCC
Manufacturer Product Number 7611D2-S
Description LIGHT PIPE PNL MNT .38" VERT
Datasheet 7611D2-L_7611D2-S Series BrightPipes Optical Lightpipes.pdf (vcclite.com)