Right Angle SMD Light Pipes


Can anyone suggest a 90 Degree SMD Light Pipe w/ Rectangular End? The LEDs I am working with are the APA-2020 type – 2.0mm x 2.0mm.

Thank you so much!


  • tagged because I saw your article on light pipes :slightly_smiling_face:

We just do not have any light pipes that are a 2 x 2 mm and this a non common part . This means your part would have to be custom made.

ok yes it is surprising that lots or these leds do not have light pipes that out there , although manufactures may have some basic parts set up

Would any of these Light Pipes work?
These may not be exactly for the 2x2mm package but would fit above possible which still allows the light to transfer.
They will have the rectangular end and at a 90 degree.
Let us know if you need something different or other specs.

I found one surface mount, right-angle option with a single lens, but it may not meet all of your requirements. It is Digi-key part number 67-1848-ND. Otherwise, I have a short list of single lens, right-angle pipes with other mounting options similar to what Paul posted: [ Light Pipe w/Right-Angle ].

Thank you all so much for the great info! I will post some pics if/when I get this going.
Have a great week!