Length of AB-FC Series LED Strips from American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation

We often get questions as to whether or not these parts can be cut to a specific length. The answer is actually yes and no. Each strip has a cutting mark imprinted on the strip at specific intervals. So while they can be cut, our warehouse team will only cut them at the specified interval so as to not damage the next segment.

Strip lengths are listed below.

The length listed in the product attributes on the product detail page is the length of the entire reel, not the length of a strip.

So for example if I want 48in. of 2007-AB-FC02450-19700-8A1CT-ND a 24V, single color part, I will have a decision to make. I can buy a length of 24 strips for a total length of 1200mm (47.244in.) and try and deal with the slightly shorter length, or I can buy a length of 25 strips for a total length of 1250mm (49.212in.) and try to trim off the excess 1.212in.

AB-FC Series Cut-Tape Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
2007-AB-FC02450-19700-8A1CT-ND AB-FC02450-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC02406-19700-XA2CT-ND AB-FC02406-19700-XA2
2007-AB-FC012BL-19700-XA1CT-ND AB-FC012BL-19700-XA1
2007-AB-FC024BL-19700-XA1CT-ND AB-FC024BL-19700-XA1
2007-AB-FC01240-19700-8A1CT-ND AB-FC01240-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC01265-19700-8A1CT-ND AB-FC01265-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC02430-19700-8A1CT-ND AB-FC02430-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC02465-19700-8A1CT-ND AB-FC02465-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC01230-19700-8A1CT-ND AB-FC01230-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC01250-19700-8A1CT-ND AB-FC01250-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC02440-19700-8A1CT-ND AB-FC02440-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC01206-19700-XA2CT-ND AB-FC01206-19700-XA2
AB-FC Series Tape and Reel Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
2007-AB-FC02450-19700-8A1TR-ND AB-FC02450-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC02406-19700-XA2TR-ND AB-FC02406-19700-XA2
2007-AB-FC012BL-19700-XA1TR-ND AB-FC012BL-19700-XA1
2007-AB-FC024BL-19700-XA1TR-ND AB-FC024BL-19700-XA1
2007-AB-FC01240-19700-8A1TR-ND AB-FC01240-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC01265-19700-8A1TR-ND AB-FC01265-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC02430-19700-8A1TR-ND AB-FC02430-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC02465-19700-8A1TR-ND AB-FC02465-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC01230-19700-8A1TR-ND AB-FC01230-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC01250-19700-8A1TR-ND AB-FC01250-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC02440-19700-8A1TR-ND AB-FC02440-19700-8A1
2007-AB-FC01206-19700-XA2TR-ND AB-FC01206-19700-XA2