LiteON Optocouplers/optoisolators in T/R package with TA and TA1 suffixes

Sometimes LiteON optocouplers/optoisolators in T/R package have 2 suffixes: “TA” and “TA1” like in below example for p/n LTV-814S:

From the data sheet:

The difference between these T/R options are in part orientation inside the tape:

This difference is not important for designers or customers buying small qty in cut tape, but it might be very important for the customers using these tapes (manufacturer standard reel or DKR) in automatic assembly process where the Pick&Place machine is calibrated to pick the part from the tape and place it on PCB. Wrong part orientation will cause the wrong placement of the part on PCB that will result the board malfunction

So if the customer is asking for a part with “TA” suffix and we have stock only for “TA1” suffix, care should be taken in offering the part with “TA1” suffix as a direct replacement and the customer should be informed about the differences