Looking fo a Solderless LED Holder

I’m Looking for a Solderless LED Holder as seen on this link,

thanks for your time.

Sorry that we do not have this one exactly, however we have found the similar LED holder connector with wire. This is the CNX_D_X_4_6_08 from VCC. Although this connector is for 5mm T-1 3/4LED, it may fit your requirement if the LED lead is long enough. For detail, please review datasheet.

Hope this help, Thanks.

The one linked on eBay does not look like a dedicated LED holder. It appears to be a basic two pin, 0.1" spacing, female header connector with wire leads like used for connecting the case LED’s to a PC motherboard.

Hi, That would work but its a lot more expensive and is bulkier. I need 100 of them.

Hi PaulHutch, can you point me into the right direction? Not sure what i’m looking for.

HI I found this. Would this work with a standard led?



The one you found is for PCB mounting (it has no wires).

These are out of stock but have short wires (the eBay ones are double the length).

This style connector is sometimes called a DuPont or Berg after the company that originally came up with the design.

Do be aware that while these are often used for LED connection, they are not designed for that application and have a number of usage limitations. The limitations are because the leads of most the LEDs are not very close to the shape of the square pins on the proper matching male header.

  • Do not use where there is vibration (the LED will come loose)
  • Do not expect the LED to align easily with a housing hole (it will be wobbly)
  • The resistance in the connection will increase with time (but that usually has no noticeable effect to the user)
  • Most LED leads need to be cut to length to fit well in the connector. (Most LEDs have offset leads for polarity indication and/or leads that are too long)
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Will an led fit in the holes?
That is ok if there are no wires. I can add my own.

Yes it will fit most standard T1 and T1-3/4 through hole LEDs.