Looking for 2mm connectors


I am looking for male connectors for these two plugs. The sockets are spaced at 2mm. The four-position goes to a Grove relay board; the two-position goes to a small DC motor. Can I find plugs with wires already affixed? Or alternatively, plain plugs that could be soldered? Thanks.




This isn’t a 100% solution, but SeeedStudio does makes a drop in replacement for their 4pin to 4pin cable’s… This 4pin grove to single wire cable/etc:




For the 2pin jst:




I do have mating connectors with wire leads. Possible headers for the 2pos, is 455-1704-ND. I could not find a match for the 4pos with the 2mm pitch. Closest male connector with this spacing is 3M156413-04-ND. Please check the datasheets for compatibility.


Very helpful. Thank you!


I had not seen those. They might do the trick. Thank you.